All Sports Brings the Metaverse to Broadcast Television

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Detroit, MI – All Sports Television Network (ALL SPORTS) announces the signing of a deal with The United Battle League (UBL). Under the agreement, ALL SPORTS will premiere the league’s opening competition on American broadcast television.

“We are thrilled about introducing the United Battle League to the American public,” stated Roger Neal Smith, President of ALL SPORTS. “Airing the content is a further commitment to our goal of introducing e-sports and e-sports related programming to a broader audience. This is just the beginning of the content that we will be introducing on broadcast television.”

“All Sports Television Network is the perfect match for our new and thrilling sports series,” stated Ali Ghafour, Founder and CEO of UBL.

About The United Battle League
The United Battle League (“UBL” is an international professional martial arts league consisting of eight city-based teams with three players per team from eight countries, featuring the best martial artists on the planet. The 7-game season is a single elimination bracket system.

All competitions of the UBL will take place in a virtual world called the UBL Metaverse. The first UBL competition took place in various locations of Heemang. Heemang is a place in the future where new things become possible and everything we know from movies like Matrix or games like Cyberpunk will become a reality. Heemang is a fictional Asian city in the future. It is a dark and dystopian place where the competitions occur. Its residents are connected to the virtual city through technology. This is the perfect location for the launch of a new and technology-driven martial arts competition series.
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