All Sports Television Network Introduces Sepak Takraw to America

October 5, 2021

Las Vegas, NV – All Sports Television Network (ALL SPORTS) announces that it has entered into an agreement with Malaysian-based Astro Arena to broadcast Sepak Takraw League matches. Under the agreement, the network will air events from international, national, and regional tournaments. Additionally, ALL SPORTS plans to broadcast matches held by Sepak Takraw member organizations throughout the world.

“We are truly thrilled to introduce Sepak Takraw to the American public,” stated Roger Neal Smith, President of ALL SPORTS. “Broadcasting the matches further accomplishes our goal of opening the sporting world doors to American fans, which allows them to begin experiencing events from around the world.”

“We’re excited that this spectacular sport is gaining the international recognition that it deserves,” stated Lee Choong Khay, Head of Sports, Astro. “Astro Arena’s homegrown Sepak Takraw League (STL) has been a local favorite for the past eight seasons, while attracting regional viewership and participation in the past few seasons. Through the STL, we continue to work with sport ministries in Malaysia to develop both the sport and its athletes. The league features competition of the highest level, which will excite fans and new viewers to the sport. With STL being shown for the first time in another region through ALL SPORTS, we hope to grow more fans and new athletes of Sepak Takraw.”

About Sepak Takraw
Sepak Takraw, also referred to as “kick volleyball”, is a sport played between two teams consisting of two, three, or four players on each team. The sport uses a plastic or rattan ball approximately 5.5 inches in diameter. Sepak Takraw is similar to badminton, which uses a net that is 5 feet high; volleyball, which allows players up to three touches before having to return the ball to the other side; and soccer, which allows players to touch the ball with their legs, body and head, but not their arms or hands.

Sepak Takraw is an exciting, fast-paced sport that is played throughout the world. It is especially popular in Southeast Asia, where it is one of the most viewed sports in the region.

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