All Sports Television Network and AAB-Labs Complete Broadcast Technology Trials

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Detroit, MI – All Sports Television Network (ALL SPORTS) and AAB-Labs (AAB) announce that they have completed trial work required for the development and exploitation of linear and non-linear broadcasting technology. The broadcasts will include the first version of 3D stereo broadcasting, in a format that does not require 3D glasses. Enhanced Depth Solutions (EDS) is the first 3D illusion based on neurological modelling instead of physical optical realignment. Viewers will be able to see the programming on their current televisions without the need to install additional equipment. Additionally, the two companies will work together in creating new eSports gaming technologies in the new format.

“Technology in virtually every industry is continually evolving,” stated ALL SPORTS President Roger Neal Smith. “While ALL SPORTS’ core business is television broadcasting, our goal is to explore ways in which we can further enhance the viewer experience. I believe that we will accomplish our goal by integrating technology used in other industries with linear broadcasting. We plan to create new ways of engaging with our audiences and use our broadcast reach to further embrace the digital world.”

“The World is once again poised for another trip to the big lakes of 3DTV and 3D Cinema,” stated James Ashbey, AAB-Labs’ founder and the inventor behind the science of EDS. “Every decade or so, we try to paddle our canoes across from the shores of hope for this technology, to the shores of its permanent usage and perhaps even replacement of 2D. EDS, which causes no eyestrain and crucially upholds the convergence and accommodation reflex, might be the technology solution, based on new neural science, that both 3D and 2D have been waiting for.”

About All Sports Television Network
The All Sports Television Network is a national sports network created for American broadcast television. It features sports and sports-related programming that covers traditional and non-traditional sporting events throughout the world. The company’s goal is to provide broadcast television stations the ability to offer their viewers sports-related content on a 24-hour, 7-day a week basis, and to afford the American public the opportunity to experience sporting events of which they were not aware.

About AAB-Labs Limited
Headquartered in Great Britain, AAB-Labs is a technology and digital systems enterprise with offices in Silicon Valley, London, and Mumbai. The company focuses on research and development in the areas of cinematic feature film enhancement and televisual video content enhancement.
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