See Your Work on Broadcast Television

All Sports has created a sports news division and is currently developing a television series. Rather than using seasoned correspondents, the producers decided to give up-and-coming journalists attending colleges and universities a chance to have their on-camera talents seen by the public as correspondents. The two projects are described below.

All Sports News will cover sports-related news events throughout the world. It will be providing in-studio reports, interviews, and on-the-scene commentary of both major and minor sporting events. Additionally, ALL SPORTS NEWS will provide live streaming coverage of high profile events via YouTube and Facebook

Food & Beverage Roadshow® is a 30-minute program featuring delightful food and beverage discoveries at sports stadiums and sporting events throughout the country and the world. It is designed to take viewers to places that they have never been. A commercial spot can be seen at the following link:


In most cases, they are not. The consideration we are providing are:

  • Experience that can be used to help you obtain work at larger companies.
  • The ability to produce work that will actually be used and, viewed by a large audience.
  • For production students, credits that will appear on IMDB.
  • The ability to use your creativity in developing strategies in your area of interest.
  • Internship credit for your school, if needed.

No. Current enrollment is not required.

Possibly. Receiving credit will depend on your school and its requirements for credit. We will be happy to work with the school.

No. All of the work is done remotely. Whenever necessary, everyone can be connected through Zoom, email, text, and phone.

No. A person may live anywhere in the world to participate.

No. All Sports does not engage in streaming or video-on-demand. It is a linear broadcast network. However, All Sports News will be live streaming some of its extended coverage.

All Sports is aired on television stations throughout the U.S. We reach approximately 15 million television households. We also have channels on Roku and Amazon Fire TV. Depending on your location, you can see it on television. Wherever you are located in the U.S., if you have Roku or Amazon Fire TV, you can see it.

All Sports meets the U.S. Department of Labor Federal Internship Guidelines

If interested in an internship, send your resume to: