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What ALL SPORTS Offers

All Sports Television Network has made a commitment to assist college students and recent college graduates get the experience needed to work in the areas of entertainment and business. We offer internships to individuals throughout the country. Since we interface with students via Zoom, one’s location is not relevant.

What ALL SPORTS Does Not Offer

All Sports does not offer training classes. We are a business that want to provide assistance. Interns will be respected and treated as employees, not students. 

While we want to help students, like other companies, we do not except everyone. All Sports want to work with students who are creative, motivated, and can work autonomously.

All Sports Television Network strives to work with interns in a way that will assist their development in their areas of interest. To that end, below are areas in which we would like to have interns. However, if an individual has a suggest for an intern position that is not listed in this document, we will be happy to consider the position.

All Sports meets the U.S. Department of Labor Federal Internship Guidelines

If interested in an internship, send your resume to:
Include the job you wish from the list below.

Entertainment Internships

ALL SPORTS is interested in working with individuals who can assist the network in acquiring sports-related content from around the world to air on the network. Potential sources include, but not limited to the following:

    • Professional sports organizations
    • Amateur sports organizations
    • Television series producers and syndicators
    • Film producers and distributors

ALL SPORTS is interested in working with individuals who would like to develop advertising spots for its various programs. This will include, but not limited to 30 second, 60 second and 120 second adverting spots that will air on the network and be used by All Sports’ television affiliates. It also includes developing programming clips that will be used by the social media marketing team to post on various social media platforms. The person should have a working knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro and have the ability of creative thinking.

Although ALL SPORTS only accepts content that is uncompressed, broadcast-quality material that is theoretically ready to air, most of the material still requires some form of editing. Editing might include the following:

    • Editing material to conform with time constraints.
    • Removing commercial embedded in the material (ALL SPORTS uses a system to electronically insert commercials).
    • Creating commercial breaks.
    • Documenting the commercial break timing.
    • Converting material into the NTSC 1080i format.

ALL SPORTS is currently developing a limited number of new projects. Some of  the projects require the production of independent segments. For more information regarding this position, visit:

Business/Marketing Internships

ALL SPORTS is interested in working with individuals interested in traditional marketing activities. The areas on which we wish to focus include, but not limited to the following:

Option 1 – Marketing to television stations that are potential affiliates for the network.

Option 2 – Marketing to potential sponsors and advertisers of the network and network programs.

Option 3 –  Marketing to potential viewers.

Only one option can be selected.

ALL SPORTS plans to increase its awareness using social media marketing. Given the fact that there exist many social media platforms, we would like to have different people focus on different platforms. Each person may select the platform on which they would like to focus, which will not preclude them from working on others.

ALL SPORTS is interested in working with individuals who are interested in product development and marketing. This involves the following:

    • Developing a strategy to induce people to visit the merchandise site.
    • Developing new products to add to the site.
    • Locate sources to produce new products.
    • Develop promotional material for site.
    • Develop new designs for merchandise.

ALL SPORTS is interested in working with individuals who can assist the network in acquiring television stations around the country as affiliates to air All Sports programming. Potential station types include:

    • Full-power television stations
    • Class A television stations
    • Low-power television stations
    • Cable television stations

ALL SPORTS is interested in working with individuals who can assist the network in designing and developing strategies for websites related to the network and programs being featured on the television network. This activity might include the following:

    • Develop website strategies
    • Develop website designs
    • Implement strategies

ALL SPORTS is interested in working with individuals who can assist the network in increasing its brand awareness through the use of public relations related activities. This activity might include the following:

    • Writing and distributing press releases
    • Creating news stories for social media
    • Arrange interviews
    • Develop media kits


In most cases, they are not. The consideration we are providing are:

  • Experience that can be used to help you obtain work at larger companies.
  • The ability to produce work that will actually be used and, viewed by a large audience.
  • For production students, credits that will appear on IMDB.
  • The ability to use your creativity in developing strategies in your area of interest.
  • Internship credit for your school, if needed.

No. Current enrollment is not required.

Possibly. Receiving credit will depend on your school and its requirements for credit. We will be happy to work with the school.

No. All of the work is done remotely. Whenever necessary, everyone can be connected through Zoom, email, text, and phone.

No. A person may live anywhere in the world to participate.

No. All Sports does not engage in streaming or video-on-demand. It is a linear broadcast network.

All Sports is aired on television stations throughout the U.S. We reach approximately 15 million television households. We also have channels on Roku and Amazon Fire TV. Depending on your location, you can see it on television. Wherever you are located in the U.S., if you have Roku or Amazon Fire TV, you can see it.