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All Sports Television Network

All Sports Television Network has created an affordable advertising package especially for small businesses.

Our Small Business Advertising Package is far more effective than advertising on Social Media and offered at a much lower price.

Our television station affiliates, Roku channel, and Amazon Fire TV channel results in All Sports reaching over 90 million television households.

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All Sports Marketing Team

For more information about the Small Business Advertising Package, contact one of our representatives at:
Phone: (747) 234-7902

Advertising on
Television vs. Social Media

Television advertising has many advantages compared to social media. Below are just a few of those advantages:

  • Television advertising confers legitimacy and prestige to a product.
  • Television advertising has a more diverse group of viewers.
  • Television viewers cannot click a button to skip advertisements.
  • Television advertisers do not have to wait for viewers to find their ad, as they do with social media – ads are “pushed” out to viewers.
  • Television advertisers do not have to deal with unsolicited comments from viewers.
  • Television viewers are only being exposed to one advertisement at a time.
  • Television viewers are only watching the program or the ad – not other things to distract the viewer.